If 1 to 5 people do not belive in your dream, that's when you know you have a good one.

If more than 5 people don't believe in your dream, that's when you know its really going to work.

-Sammy, Founder

May all your dreams and desires come true, just as mine did.


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    as you know YMCA is non-profit org which serve alot .my name is evelyn Giles i'm a disable veteran and i'm writing you for Help this YMCA 4775 wetzel road ,liverpool ny 13090 their lifeguard equipment is needed very badly no fund available to purchase new . I'm the proud parent of Janasia . which the outcome could have been very different but God. they are in need of lifeguard tubes the ones they have are torn and non repairable . read this story please below The person was 467LBs and 49 years old ..the YMCA contact is JEN Savery Aquatics 315 451-2562 Y Stories YMCA StoriesTHIS IS THE NEWEST ENTRYSAFE IN THE WATER: JAZMINE HOLLOMAN June 27, 2013 A Split Second, A Life Saved by Chris Iven The man in the deep end of the pool at the North Area Family YMCA June 25 wasn’t splashing frantically. He wasn’t calling for help. He was just two feet from the wall. To Janasia Giles, a YMCA lifeguard for five years, however, it was clear: This man was drowning. “His face was shaking and he started clenching his hand into a fist,” Janasia said. “He just tensed up. He couldn’t kick. He froze in the water.” All at once, Janasia sprung from the lifeguard chair, signaled the other lifeguard on duty, Phil Knoop, and dove in. Phil hit the alarm button, signalling the YMCA front desk to send help and call 911. “I got in before his head slipped underwater,” Janasia said. Janasia’s instant recognition of the signs of drowning, her quick action, and the team effort that followed probably saved the man’s life, said North Area Family YMCA Aquatics Director Jennifer Savery. “Drowning is so often not recognized by lifeguards,” Jennifer said. “Everyone has it in their heads that drowning is very violent, very active, but it’s not… They did fantastic. It could have been so different, had they not been on their game.” Janasia said she jumped in without thinking about her own safety. “I wasn’t thinking about myself at that moment,” she said. “I was thinking, ‘How do I get this guy out of the pool?’” Janasia quickly put her life buoy beneath the man’s arms. Meanwhile, the other lifeguard on duty, Phil Knoop, cleared the pool quickly, then grabbed more flotation devices and jumped in to help. Together, they pulled the man into the shallow end. There, Water Fitness Instructor Mary Ellen Miller helped get the man onto a backboard, which helped keep him afloat until the EMTs arrived. The man was treated at a hospital for several hours and released. He later told YMCA officials that he was impressed with how quickly everyone responded. Janasia said her quick reaction came from listening to her gut, even though the man looked fine just seconds earlier. “I’d rather go with that feeling and jump in than not go in and have something happen,” Janasia said. Filed under Aquatics Tags: aquatics, lifeguard, north area family ymca, rescue, water safety All opinions expressed here are those of their authors and/or contributors and not of their employer. Any questions or concerns regarding the content found here may be sent to civen@syracuseymca.org. ABOUT US CareersContact UsNews & HeadlinesLOCATIONS YMCA BranchesArts Downtown East Area Family Manlius North Area Family Southwest BaldwinsvilleCamp IroquoisPROGRAMS Youth DevelopmentCamp Childcare Education & Leadership Swim, Sports & Play Healthy LivingFamily Time Group Interests Health & Wellness Sports & Recreation Social ResponsibilityAdvocacy Social Services Volunteerism & Giving JOIN AWAY ProgramMembership For AllRatesGIVE BoilermakerDonate OnlineNorthwest Family YMCAVOLUNTEER ONLINE REGISTRATION Copyright © 2013 YMCA of Greater Syracuse. All rights reserved. YMCA of Greater SyracuseThe mission of the YMCA of Greater Syracuse is to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all. YMCA of Greater Syracuse | 340 Montgomery Street, Syracuse, NY 13202 | 315.474.6851

    - evelyn g. in syracuse ny, NY
    Jul. 2, 13 Reply to Comment

    I am looking for a GREAT board for my dog to surf on. Preferably one that I can kneel board with her. She weighs 72 pounds, and I weigh 179. So, total weight 251 pounds. I am possibly interested in a rescue board. For surf dog contests, it MUST be a rap around foam top AND have rubber or flexible fin(s). I would like a 10 to 11 foot board, at least 26 inches wide, and at least 4 inches thick. I am looking for something that also has a NICE ROCKER at the tip. Handles would be nice, but not necessary. If you have one that fits the bill, can it be made without "Rescue" signs on it. I would love to have it personalized with something that says "HEIDI the Surfing Shepherd" if that is possible, but not necessary. Whew! I know I am asking a lot, but you came highly recommended. If any boards do fit the bill, I would be willing to travel anywhere from Central California to Southern California to view one before I order it. Let me know what you think. Thanks, Larry!

    - Larry B. in Agoura Hills, CA
    Sep. 26, 11 Reply to Comment

    Do you ship to Canada? thanks

    - Judy L. in , Canada
    May. 10, 11 Reply to Comment
    Yes we do. What are you buying?
    - Sammy . in Huntington Beach, CA
    May. 20, 11 Reply to Comment

    There are other lifeguard sites that sell stuff, none as intuned to lifeguard needs as this site right here. The only one for me. I am a master trainer of lifeguards of 18 years for the Red Cross. and I can say, I love this store.

    - Amaury S. in New York, NY
    Apr. 16, 11 Reply to Comment
    Hi Amaury, Thanks for that. I was a lifeguard for 7 years. So I know the needs of lifeguards. And I'm sort of a perfectionist. I like to do things well and cover all bases. And leave out what is not needed, like fancy ads or sales gimmicks or things lifeguards don't need. That's why the website looks the way it does (clean and easy to use, and of course cool looking) and the products are the way they are (only what the lifeguard needs). By the way, I was born in Brooklyn, NY
    - Sammy P. in Huntinton Beach, CA
    Apr. 25, 11 Reply to Comment