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Lifeguard Chairs 


Delivery time is 7 business days from the time of order. For all these pool and beach lifeguard chairs.*

*Excluding Lifeguard Tower 66''




  • Comfort design and seating, makes for an alert lifeguard
  • All chairs withstands harsh ocean elements
  • Comes with an umbrella holder
  • Comes with a hook for ring buoys or accessories
  • Chairs has "no slip steps" for when the lifeguard stands or has to jet into action
  • Maintenance free. Never peels or chips, Never needs painting, Never rusts


These are the highest quality and the most cost effective lifeguard stands & chairs found on the market today. The poly material that we use to make our lifeguard towers & chairs is strong and withstands mega amounts of of wear and tear, made from stainless hardware.


All the major parts are assembled for you. These stands come almost fully assembled. Some minor assembly is required upon arrival.


We have had these chairs in the ocean water. And they are still in the ocean water today. After 20 years. And are still doing good. Yes, these lifeguard stands have a long life. We have a 1 year full warranty on all these chairs, but but with the great quality these chairs are made with, you wont have to use it. Rarely is it ever used and ever an issue.


These lifeguard chairs for sale are great to use on the beach and lake fronts, as well as the pool. Take your pick above of the different sizes and hights. Depending on your pool or beach front size. Our first 3 chairs above are our hottest sellers. The first (30 inch lifeguard chair) is for your smaller size pools. Or really small beach fronts. Where there are really not a lot of people walking around. And the lifeguard doesn't need to look far or look over anyone walking. The second one (40 inch lifeguard stand) is still for your relativly smaller size pool or beach front. The third one (66 inch lifeguard tower) is for your medium size to large pool or beach front. This is so the lifeguard can look above people's heads as they are walking by. This tall lifeguard chair helps the lifeguard look from a birds eye view and see it all.


The lifeguard stand for sale above is environmentally friendly, and is made from recycled material. The material is very strong and will withstand mega amounts of wear and tear. These seats are maintance free and will never peel or chip, never rust or need repainting. All lifeguard chairs for sale on this page are like this.


These lifeguard towers and chairs are truely among the best in the market. They are made in the USA. Even though they are big such as our 66 inch lifeguard towers, they are always ready and on stand by, ready to be deployed upon ordering. Not only are they top quality, but these lifeguard chairs for sale are among the lowest price in the industry. Top quality and low price.


From small to tall lifeguard chairs, we have what you need for your public swimming pool, lake, or beach front property.


Our standard delivery time for everything on this page is 7 business days. This is for all chairs and lifeguard stands.

Our years of experience, and are determination to provide only the best, has made us the most popular lifeguard clothing and equipment store on the web today.


Delivery time is 7 business days. Your package will arrive in 7 business days.



Are all lifguard Chairs the same?


Are all lifeguard chairs the same? No, they are not. You want a chair that will last long. That will be comfortable to the lifeguard to make for an alert lifeguard. You want a chair that is also cost effective.


Lets look at some basic knowledge when selecting a good quality lifeguard chair, and one that suites your facility. These are some helpful hints when picking a lifeguard chair:


(1)   Less crowed swimming area, pick a smaller chair. From the ground to the seat, about 30 to 40 inches


(2)   Busy swimming area, pick a taller chair. From the ground to the seat, about 60 to 70 inches


(3)   Comfortable lifeguard chair. So the lifeguard stays awake and alert while on duty


(4)   You need a chair that lasts. That will last the elements and the weather, and the chlorine or ocean waters.


(5)   Lifeguard chair should come with an umbrella holder.


(6)   Chairs should come with a hook so the ring buoy or accessories can be place there and already within reach and ready to be used.


(7)   When the lifeguard stands on his or chair, the step should be a no slip step.


Now lets look more into the size of the chair. When is a small lifeguard chair needed? A smaller lifeguard chair is needed if the pool area is small. And the lifeguard does not need to look over anyone while watching the water. Usually small chairs go in apartment complex swimming pools of 10 or less people. Meaning 10 or less people are swimming at one time. A smaller lifeguard chair is 30 inches from the ground to the seat of the chair.


When is a bigger lifeguard chair needed? For a bigger swimming pool or beach front properties, you want the tall towers. Over 60 inches off the ground is fine. That is 60 inches from the ground to the seat of the lifeguard chair. Reason for the tall chair is so when the lifeguards are sitting in one, the lifeguard can view over the people walking by and see the patrons in the water. This allows the lifeguard to easily scan the water for any one that may need assistance.


Another benefit for a tall chair in a busy place is the lifeguard can view deeper into the water being higher up. Just in case anyone under the water may need assistance. This is really important too. Because I was a lifeguard for 7 years and one time I saw someone at the bottom of the pool that needed help. I then rushed in and saved that person.


One last reason that tall lifeguard towers is important, is because if anyone needs to find the lifeguard in an emergency, all the person has to do is look up. And see the chair. And the person sitting in it. Now, stander bys can quickly know who to go to, and they can quickly inform the lifeguard of the emergency.  And the last reason a tall lifeguard chair is beneficial in a busy place is because it establishes authority. It enforces the concept of the lifeguard being in charge of the entire pool. Even the deck. So as soon as the patrons walk through the gate in the pool area, that is the lifeguards domain. He or she has authority on the beach side. And everyone knows it with the tall lifeguard chair.


Please view our selction and videos above to find the perfect chair for your facility.





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