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    I ordered two t-shirts and they were fairly priced, good quality, properly sized, and shipped fast! I will definitely order from them again!

    - Chris D. in Wyncote, PA
    Dec. 22, 15 Reply to Comment

    In love with my new lifeguard t-shirts, so comfortable and perfect for whenever I feel like my skin needs a break from the sun! I will definitely shop there again!

    - Maggie S. in Newnan, GA
    Mar. 30, 15 Reply to Comment

    I ordered two t-shirts and they were fairly priced, good quality, properly sized, and shipped fast! I will definitely order from them again!

    - Chris D. in Wyncote, PA
    Mar. 30, 15 Reply to Comment

    Any way I can combine two separate orders? I am the Waterfront Director at Pretty Lake Vacation Camp in Mattawan, MI. We ordered some cheap white ones that stained too easy from sweat/sunscreen from another company. I like the red tank and yellow T but I don't want to get charged for two different shipping orders. I'd be looking at 18 total T's and tanks. Can I get some help? Thanks.

    - Devin F. in Mattawan , MI
    Jul. 13, 12 Reply to Comment
    Hello Devin, Yes, you are able to combine shipping for two separate orders if your first order has not shipped yet. For customer support, please contact us at 7146053090 or email us at Thank you.
    - Stephanie T. in Westminster, CA
    Aug. 23, 13 Reply to Comment

    As the Aquatics Manager of one of Boston's and certainly the country's finest schools, I found that this store suited my needs for lifeguard apparel and my budget! The customer service is awesome, the shipping turn around is amazing and the quality of the gear supersedes that of the expensive branded logos. My guards are happy, and my director is happy with my spending costs for uniforms. Thank you. I will be staying with your company for all of my LG apparel needs.

    - Steven M. in Chestnut Hill, MA
    May. 31, 12 Reply to Comment

    I was so impressed with the fast delivery!!! The t-shirts are great quality. I purchased the lifeguard whistle #177 and it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO LOUD, some whistles are just ok. I love this company!!!!! Keep up the great work. I highly recommend this company to everyone!!

    - Caryn . in Palm Beach Gardens, FL
    May. 31, 12 Reply to Comment

    Thanks for the help, we ordered 2 shirts recently and they fit great, nice quality. Will send a copy of the senior pictures when they come back!!! Thanks, Kathy in MI

    - Kathy P. in Essexville, MI
    May. 31, 12 Reply to Comment

    There is a big difference between the Adult S and the Adult XS sizes. Had to send back some t-shirts and get new ones sent out. However, Randy was very responsive on email and got the replacement t-shirts sent to me in time for our event. Thank you for the great communication and personable customer service!

    - Becky T. in Auburn, CA
    Oct. 28, 11 Reply to Comment

    Ordered a small ladies fitted tshirt and having to send it back for a medium. My daughter wears a small in Jr size tops. The sizes must run small - would be nice if you put that in description. Now have to pay 2 shipping charges plus return for one too small.

    - Robin S. in Gower, MO
    Jul. 26, 11 Reply to Comment

    Its not a good idea at all to have kid sizes, this is a uniform made for those cirtefied in this field just like a police officers uniform not everyone should wear it .

    - Derrick S. in , NJ
    Apr. 28, 11 Reply to Comment
    ... I have 3 co-lifeguarders that are childrens sizes. ...
    - Lifeguar D. in Alpine, UT
    Jun. 16, 11 Reply to Comment
    Hi everyone, our white t-shirts come in extra small. Adult sizing chart. In X-Small. That is the smallest size we have.
    - Sammy . in Huntington Beach, CA
    Jun. 24, 11 Reply to Comment

    i wish there were kids size t-shirts

    - t.w .
    Feb. 28, 11 Reply to Comment

    you should make long sleve i like the deisines though

    - jackie l. in howsville, IA
    Oct. 17, 10 Reply to Comment

    Thanks for the help, we ordered 2 shirts recently and they fit great, nice quality. Will send a copy of the senior pictures when they come back!!! Thanks,

    - Kathy P. in Essexville, MI
    Jun. 23, 10 Reply to Comment












    All of our Lifeguard T-shirts are 100% pre-shrunk cotton.


    We put 3 coats of quality name brand ink (International Coating) on every lifeguard t-shirt, and then we take them to an intense heating machine (Flash Dryer). This allows the ink to permanently set on the shirt. Even after several washings, your lifeguard lettering and cross will continue to glare and look crisp. We make all of our lifeguard shirts this way. The t-shirts and uniforms shown on this website are the t-shirts you will receive on your doorstep.

    Our standard delivery time for everything on this page is 3-5 business days for 10 or less Lifeguard t-shirts. For 10 or more t-shirts, please allow 5 business days.


    These are the highest quality lifeguard t-shirts and tanks available today.  

    We also offer lifeguard t-shirts and tank-tops in bulk for supervisors that are looking to purchase uniforms for all their employees, or for Guards who like spares for their shifts. 


    We also offer colored lifeguard shirts, and colored lifeguard tank-tops. Some lifeguards and Guard supervisors prefer a new, different look that stands out. These colored shirts are definitely unique, and will definitely help a Guard stand out in a crowd, and be noticed.

    Our standard delivery time for everything on this page is 3-5 business days for 10 or less t-shirts. For 10 or more t-shirts, please allow 5 business days.

    Our years of experience, and are determination to provide only the best, has made us the most popular lifeguard clothing store on the web today.

    3-5 business days for 10 shirts or less. 5 business days for more than 10 shirts.




    More Info On Lifeguard T-Shirts:

    What to look for when selecting a good lifeguard t-shirt


    In the realm of lifeguard t-shirts, what is there to look for? Does the lifeguard symbol have to be highly visible, so in an emergency, everyone knows who to go to? What else is there to look for?


    The first thing to look for is if the word “LIFEGUARD” is visible on the t-shirt. Meaning can people in and around the swimming area easily see the “LIFEGUARD” lettering on the t-shirt. Having the lifeguard being easily identified is vital in an emergency situation. The people in and around the swimming area must know who to turn to in an emergency. Being identified also helps to establish authority in and around the swimming area. Also, during an emergency, EMS and other first responders know who to consult.


    So, how should the lettering look like? Ideally the lifeguard lettering should be long enough to go from one side of the shirt to the other. And the height of the lettering is ideally 2 inches high. Also the font used should be clear and very readable. Meaning instead of having a fancy font, a more readable font is preferred. These 3 factors will dramatically increase the visibility of the lifeguard. Some places use different styles and smaller lettering. This can also be effective as the lifeguard is wearing the standard uniform and is identifiable in some way.  If you want the highest visibility, the most effective way to be identifiable is the long lettering, and a good and clear height and thickness of the font.


    We’ve discussed what’s on the front of the shirt, but what about the back of the shirt? It is very beneficial to have the same lettering and size on the back of the t-shirt as well. This adds to the high visibility of the lifeguard. So no matter what direction the lifeguard is facing, he or she will always be identified, front and back. Many times the lifeguard is not just sitting down. Many times the he or she is walking along side the swimming area, moving along back and forth, watching the swimming area closely. So for this reason, it is important that the lifeguard be identified on the back side as well.


    Now what should the color of the shirt be? Red is typically the color that signifies lifeguards. The most popular color for a lifeguard to wear is a white shirt with red lettering. The second most popular shirt is a red t-shirt with white lifeguard lettering. Other colors have also been used such as yellow and blue, as well as other loud colors. These colors are also effective since all the colors mentioned are loud. 


    Now, let’s talk about the actual quality of the lifeguard t-shirt or lifeguard tank-top. First you want a shirt that is 100% pre-shrunk cotton. This provides 2 benefits. One, the shirt being cotton, means that it will always be comfortable to wear. This is important as the shirt may be worn again and again. And sometimes it can be warn for up to 8 hours at a time. The second benefit is with the shirt being pre-shrunk, this allows for the lifeguard to wash the garment repeatedly without worry of the size changing. This is important as the shirt is constantly warn and washed and must always be ready and fit well for the guard to use during his or her next shift. When selecting your lifeguard clothing, look for 100% pre-shrunk cotton. All of Lifeguard Master's lifeguard t-shirts are 100% pre-shrunk cotton.


    Another quality aspect that many first time guards may not pay attention to, but still is important to consider when selecting a lifeguard t-shirt or lifeguard tank-top, is the ink. Will the ink stay on and last? As the shirt is being washed and washed, I have seen lifeguard t-shirts loose the red ink after just a few washings. You want your ink and lifeguard lettering to shine and glare even after many, many washings. The quality of ink I found that has been the most effective with the way the color is very crisp as well as the ink lasting and lasting on the shirt is “International Coating” which is used on all of Lifeguard Master's Lifeguard apparel.


    A really good manufacture will put on more than one coating on the shirt. Lifeguard Master puts 3 coats of ink on the shirt. Using a quality, crisp ink and putting multiple layers on, ensures the ink will last after repeated use and washings.


    We can see it is more than just a t-shirt and there are many, many aspects that go into selecting the most ideal lifeguard t-shirts. Lifeguard Master provides all these benefits. I’ve been a lifeguard for 7 years. And I started this company to fill the needs the lifeguards have while on duty.


    Happy shopping & safe guarding



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    This website and the merchandise sold thereon are for lifeguards acting in their official capacity and entities that train, employ, or support actual lifeguards. Other customers looking to purchase LIFEGUARD apparel items should contact Lifeguard Licensing Corporation, the owner of U.S. Trademark Registrations for LIFEGUARD® and LIFE GUARD®, and/or one of its licensees.*

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