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    FAST SHIPPING. GREAT QUALITY. I bought 2 lifeguard umbrellas with logo. THEY ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    - Robert P. in PHILA, PA
    Mar. 30, 15 Reply to Comment

    Does the "solar" umbrella come in an 8' diameter ? thanks

    - larry h. in mattawan, MI
    Sep. 19, 11 Reply to Comment









    Selecting a good Lifeguard Umbrella




    Your lifeguard umbrella will typically go in a public swimming pool, lake or beach. You want the best possible umbrella for your facility. There are a few things to consider when selecting your umbrella.




    The umbrella must be weather durable. The umbrella will be outside for a long period of time. So you want one that will withstand the elements of wind, rain, ocean water (if its by the ocean), and chlorine water (if its by a pool).




    The umbrella must also have an adjustable tilting action. Every umbrella must be able to tilt and move with the sun. Most lifeguard umbrellas come with a tilting action anyway. Still, it is good to double check before selecting your umbrella.




    The umbrella must have a UV protection. Believe it or not, it can get hot even under the shade of an ordinary umbrella. So it may be a good idea for the lifeguard umbrella to have some kind of UV protection.




    Lifeguard umbrellas must be able to last. Some umbrellas can get pricy. Especially when buying more than one. So you don’t want to keep replacing these. You want these to last. You want an umbrella that will last year after year through whatever elements.




    Wind proof umbrellas. Believe it or not there are wind proof lifeguard umbrellas out there. These wind proof umbrellas have a double layer sheet, and wind is able to pass through them. You may not want to go over board and get one that is 100% wind proof. But at least ask how this umbrella does in the high winds.




    You also want an umbrella with a warranty. Most come with a 1 year warranty. This is very good because this guarantees the supplier to stand by their umbrella for 12 long months. So check for this. And make sure it has this.




    And maybe the most important reason a good umbrella is needed because you want your lifeguard to be as comfortable as possible while he or she is on duty. While the lifeguard is on duty, he or she must be able to concentrate on the water and not on making him or herself comfortable or any other distractions. And these other distractions include worrying about whether or not the umbrella will fall apart or blow away. And you don’t want the lifeguard to be too hot while on duty. All these can be avoided in just picking a good lifeguard umbrella.




    Above you will find a great selection of the most widely used umbrellas in the industry. 









    Lifeguard Umbrellas For Your Beach and Swimming Pool


    The lifeguard umbrellas for sale above will handle any type of beach, swimming pool or lake. For the bigger beaches, lakes, or pools, we do recommend the weather durable or the UV lifeguard umbrella. Reason being, with a big facility you may get high winds by the water. So in your facility, you want lifeguard umbrellas that will last.


    Our lifeguard umbrellas are very durable, and are used on beaches, and swimming pools across the country. We feature different types of lifeguard umbrellas. All umbrellas can tilt to fit the different positions of the sun, and are adjustable.


    All our lifeguard umbrellas can fit just about any type of lifeguard chair. These umbrellas are designed for the beach and to withstand the wind and elements. Among being used for many uses, one wide use is: "lifeguard umbrellas for lifeguard chair". Have a lifeguard chair? These are perfect lifeguard umbrellas for lifeguard chairs. These umbrellas will fit right in to just about any lifeguard chair.


    The first umbrella we offer is our "lifeguard umbrella - durable". It is made of the highest quality, weather durable nylon, with a vinyl laminate covering to protect it from the elements. Diameter of the umbrella when opened, is 6.5 ft, and comes with a 6 ft adjustable pole that has a push button tilting device.


    The lifeguard umbrella we offer is our "Lifeguard Umbrella - Ultra Weather Durable". This particular lifeguard umbrella is perfect for a windy area or beach front property.


    We also have the solar lifeguard umbrella. Which is virtually 100% U.V. resistant. And has all the same features of the wind proof lifeguard umbrella.


    Comming soon is the wind proof lifeguard umbrella. It works by allowing the wind to pass between the 2 layers of the double canopy. This lifeguard umbrella comes with a matching carrying bag.


    Our standard delivery time for everything on this page is 5 business days.

    Our years of experience, and are determination to provide only the best, has made us the most popular lifeguard clothing and equipment store on the web today.


    Delivery time is 5 business days. Your package will arrive in 5 business days.






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