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Staying Alert – Lifeguarding And Scanning your Area
1. Establish Your ZoneEach lifeguard has a zone. First, establish what your zone is. Be clear on it. Weather it is the entire body of water, or partial. Make sure you discuss with other lifeguards or management which area is your zone. If you’re the only one guarding, then your zone is all...
What to look for when selecting a good lifeguard t-shirt
 In the realm of lifeguard t-shirts, what is there to look for? Does the lifeguard symbol have to be highly visible, so in an emergency, everyone knows who to go to? What else is there to look for?The first thing to look for is if the word “LIFEGUARD” is visible on the t-shirt. Meaning...
Why Tall Lifeguard Chairs Saves Lives
 Why do you need a tall lifeguard chair for a busy swimming pool or beach? A tall one is a must for busy swimming pools, beaches, or lakes. The lifeguard needs to be able to see over people's heads as they walk by. The lifeguards need to be able to see over people's heads and into...
Are all lifeguard Chairs the same?
Are all lifeguard chairs the same? No, they are not. You want a chair that will last long. That will be comfortable to the lifeguard to make for an alert lifeguard. You want a chair that is also cost effective.Lets look at some basic knowledge when selecting a good quality lifeguard chair, and...
Selecting a good Lifeguard Umbrella
Your lifeguard umbrella will typically go in a public swimming pool, lake or beach. You want the best possible umbrella for your facility. There are a few things to consider when selecting your umbrella.The umbrella must be weather durable. The umbrella will be outside for a long period of time....
 When selecting a CPR pocket mask, there are a few things to consider. Such as, can the mask be used on an adult as well as a child? Does it come with a one way valve? And just what else is there to look for?First thing to look for when selecting a CPR pocket mask is if the mask is...
 A good lifeguard whistle is needed for those fast, split second emergency communication situations. Lifeguard whistles can literally save a life or prevent serous injury.If there is one thing a lifeguard carries with him, it’s a whistle. Sure the lifeguard carries other lifesaving devices...
Selecting a good spine board
 When selecting good quality spine boards, there are a few things to consider. Some things to consider are runners, maintenance, and water buoyancy. Just what are the qualities for a good spine board? One thing to consider is runners. Does the spineboard have runners? First, what are...
 Lifeguard Rescue tubes are essential and needed for swimming pools and lakes across the country. How do you know which ones to select and get? And what do you look for?First you want to decide how big your rescue tube should be. Typically in a smaller size swimming pool, a rescue tube that...
A Lifeguard Outlook
Just another day in the life of a lifeguard. I'm sure many of you can relate to the issues we face as lifeguards.  A lot of time people of so ungrateful for us being there.  They think that we are there to take away all their fun.  That's so opposite to what we really...
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