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Great to have you join us! -
This is a new social network for lifeguards. Great to have you try it out. Thanks.
4 months ago
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8 months ago
Dave Smedley Hey everyone! My son is a former lifeguard who thought other current and former lifeguards would be interested in our flagship product, the Kool Flip. You feel like you're like walking on clouds when wearing these, but what really sets it apart from other flip flops is the 60' of 550...more Paracord that the straps are made of. My hope is that they are appealing enough to the lifeguard community that I can customize the strap (Red) and the arch support (white) to have something ONLY lifeguards have access to. Let me know your thoughts!hide
8 months ago
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10 months ago
Sead Pepic 27th Annual South Florida Rough Ocean IRB Course 2/24/2014 to 2/27/2014 When: Monday, February 24th - Thursday, February 27th From 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM Click below for more details.
10 months ago
Sead Pepic
Lifeguard Commandments: Communication and Teamwork
As a lifeguard, you should take pride in everything you've been trained to see and hear. But when you fail to communicate your observations... you're not only putting your fellow guards at a dramatic disadvantage, you're also putting swimmers at risk....more
10 months ago
Sead Pepic
Lifeguard Commandments: No Texting While Lifeguarding
We are all distracted... plain and simple. The words "multi-tasking" have taken on all new meaning in an era of text messages and app stores. It seems it's almost not even worth doing something these days, if you can't do an entirely different something at the very same time. While constant...more connectivity can make a lot of tasks easier, lifeguarding will always require constant vigilance. We have some easy-to-implement ideas that should put an end to lifeguard distractions once and for all.
11 months ago
Sead Pepic
Australian Lifeguard Service - Advanced Surf Rescue
Surf Rescue Support Services WA - lead by Cam Obeirne - invited: Archie Kalepa, Supervisor of Ocean Safety Operations for the county of Maui, Hawaii - regarded as one of the instigators of personal water craft as lifeguard rescue equipment, and Legendary Professional Big Wave Surfer; and Mike...more Slattery, Director of High Surf Rescue, personal watercraft equipment, Haweiwa, Hawaii, to present and run an Advanced Surf Rescue training weekend in Margaret River, four hours south of Perth, WA. Over three days the guys (and one girl) were put through their paces by the pro's, honing their skills and learning new techniques. By the end of the weekend the participants were buzzing with the progress they had made and amped to test their new skills and teach others coming through the ranks. For all you need to know about lifeguarding visit the Australian Lifeguard Service: For more information on personal water craft surf rescue accessories visit www highsurfrescue.comhide
11 months ago
DRUMEN FLORIN signed up.
11 months ago
Sead Pepic
Lifeguard Training and Rescues in Big Waves
The lifeguards of the North Shore of Oahu are the modern day sheriffs of the wild west. This film pays tribute to their selfless acts of heroism. A must see for all surf lovers! Distributed by TubeMogul. explore™ ( is a multimedia organization that documents leaders around...more the world who have devoted their lives to extraordinary causes. Both educational and inspirational, explore creates a portal into the soul of humanity by championing the selfless acts of others.hide
12 months ago
Sead Pepic Event Bulletin: Southeast Region Surf Lifesaving Training Officer Academy Please come join us.
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